Not all shelving is created equal! That is why Steelhead Warehouse Solutions has partnered with the great team at Metalware Corporation to deliver the best shelving projects for our clients. As a Canadian manufacturer building shelving since 1954, Metalware not only has a proven track record, but a total dedication to the industry.

The Interlok Boltless Shelving line is a premium product that also hits your shelving budget. The markets Steelhead serves include, but are not limited to:

  • Small parts storage
  • Inventory
  • Retail and backroom storage
  • E-commerce and retail pick, pack, ship
  • Records storage

Industrial boltless shelving is a space-effective, economical storage system that is very safe for almost any heavy-duty application. The shelves are produced from high strength cold-rolled steel and come complete with double-bends on all four sides with closed locking corners. Uprights—or T-posts—are made from 16 gauge hot-rolled-steel. They are roll-formed, welded, punched and cut to length in a continuous operation.

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