Rack protection is one of the most important safety applications in a modern warehouse. For decades, rack damage was passed over as unimportant. The industry now acknowledges the danger that a compromised racking system poses. At Steelhead Warehouse Solutions, we have scoured the market for the best products and methods of protecting the integrity of your facility.

The majority of all pallet racking damage presents in three areas:

  • Ends of rows
  • Tunnel bays
  • Fronts of frames

Row ends and tunnel bays often suffer the force of a forklift driver rounding a corner a bit too tight. Preventative damage is solved using Cogan’s Wrap Around Rack Pals. These are manufactured with a 5″H x 3″D x 1/4″-thick angle iron attached to a 12″-tall post protector. These protectors are a simple, yet effective way to prevent costly repairs.

While the fronts of frames tend to take less violent hits, damage can cause operational interruptions and can be more expensive to repair. We have come up with the best solution on the market. As opposed to steel protectors—which are more expensive and often just transfer the energy from the forklift hit to the next weak point—we endorse HDP protectors which feature dense foam which absorbs and disperses the energy from medium impact hits.

Benefits of HDP protectors:

  • Prevent damage
  • Cost effective
  • Easily replaceable
  • High visibility/bright yellow
  • Do not take up bay space