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Since late 2018, WorkSafeBC has mandated that businesses with any type of pallet rack storage system be inspected on a regular basis by a qualified technician.

Why have rack inspected?

  • A WorkSafe BC compliance officer will be visiting
  • A WorkSafeBC compliance officer has visited and issued a corrective order
  • You’ve moved into or acquired a facility with existing racking and would like it assessed
  • You’ve noticed damaged rack and would like it assessed for repair or replacement
  • Your company’s occupational health and safety plan calls for regularly scheduled inspections

What does a steelhead rack inspection entail?

Our trained and qualified pallet rack inspection technicians will coordinate a site visit at your convenience. Upon arrival, we will check for damage, incorrect installation and/or missing components. The data and photos will be uploaded into a report which will be reviewed together and emailed for your records.

An inspection located damage. Now what?

Damaged rack is an ongoing problem in all warehouses outfitted with pallet racking. In the likely event that pallet rack damage is flagged, we will guide you through the process of having it replaced or repaired.

Who is qualified to perform a pallet rack inspection?

WorkSafeBC regulation states that a “qualified person” should perform pallet rack inspections.

Section 1.1 of the WorkSafeBC Regulation defines a “qualified person” as being “knowledgeable of the work, the hazards involved, and the means to control the hazards, by reason of education, training, experience or a combination thereof.

It is very important to note that the regulation holds the employer responsible for ensuring the competency of the “qualified person.” Therefore, in-house staff must be trained in the process of a pallet racking inspection, otherwise the employer will be held accountable for any irregularities and subsequent injury to employees and/or persons on the premises.

What qualifies the Steelhead team to perform pallet rack inspections?

The people most qualified to inspect and provide reports are those who are responsible for engineering storage solutions.

Steelhead is qualified for several reasons:

  • 23 years combined experience designing and installing engineered pallet racking solutions
  • Ability to generate formal inspection reports
  • Ability to arrange rack repairs or replacements
  • Thorough knowledge of WorkSafeBC reglation
  • A working relationship with WorkSafeBC
  • We were involved in the consultation process which resulted in the regulations put forth by WorkSafeBC

areas of British Columbia we serve

We have travelled across British Columbia to perform pallet rack inspections.

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