I have damaged racking. How do I fix it?

Upon a thorough inspection of your pallet racking system and products, a Steelhead Warehouse Solutions inspector will compile a detailed inspection report. The inspection report includes photos of pallet racking damage, its exact location, associated comments and lastly, recommendations.

Upon completion of the report, the technician and a facility representative will perform a physical walk-through of the warehouse. In many cases, this might simply identify missing:

  • anchors
  • safety pins
  • damaged beams
  • damaged uprights and frames
  • capacity

We then outline the necessary actions that need to be implemented in order to repair or replace damaged pallet racking. These will be delivered in the form of recommended and suggested changes.

  • Recommended changes: Demand immediate attention per WorksafeBC regulations. In most cases this will be damaged frames and beams that are beyond repair.
  • Suggested changes: Typically involves reinforcing pallet racking with protection such as corner guards, post guards and angle irons, and end of aisle protection

Steelhead Warehouse Solutions is an all-suite, turnkey solution. We are trained to inspect pallet rack and equipped to facilitate the removal of damaged rack, make repairs or install new pallet rack.

Let’s get your warehouse WorkSafeBC ready. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.