Pallet flow racking systems share a lot of the same mechanics as push back, largely in that their motion is achieved by sloping a rail to propel pallets in a certain direction. In terms of density, pallet flow is comparable to both push back and drive-in/drive-thru rack but falls between the two in functionality.

Pallet flow rack is less limited in achieving greater depths than push-back systems which rely on individual carts for each palletized load but require greater evaluation of the structural integrity of the pallets themselves. Very deep systems are also recommended to be styled more similarly to drive-in/drive-thru systems, with only a single pallet width per bay.

Steelhead pallet flow racking systems utilize a combination of sloped beams and a depth-spanning roller system. There is a wide variety of flow track types designed to meet nearly every application of pallet racking storage, from heavy, poor-conditioned palletized loads to high-SKU pallet flow which offers the most “coverage.”

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