The team at Steelhead contacted an international manufacturer about an upcoming facility relocation. The project would require the consolidation of three existing facilities in Langley into a brand-new, 160,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in neighbouring Surrey. This immense and complex project also needed to incorporate the client’s existing rack.

After securing the project, the Steelhead team was entrusted with:

  • Engineering existing pallet rack
  • Designing the new racking layout
  • Dismantling, moving and re-installing the material
  • Supplying new pallet rack
  • Processing permit applications through the City of Surrey
  • Managing the project

British Columbia has unique racking requirements relating to seismic standards. In simple terms, this means that should an earthquake occur, the racking we install needs to give workers enough time to evacuate the aisles before any product may fall off. Our engineer exclusively deals with pallet racking and has the experience to safely engineer both new and used racking. The team at Steelhead ensured the installed racking passed all building code requirements.

Alongside project management, design is one of the most important services we provide for our customers. We are committed to making sure your facility is optimized for all end users.

On this project, we consulted with a range of facility stakeholders, from lift truck drivers to picking staff, to create areas that were functional for all team members’ tasks. Most companies design from a distance; we prefer to collaborate directly with our customers and design in real-time. We find this approach is the best way to take everyone’s needs into account.

We contract a team of dedicated installers who work with our customer. This not only means working according to plan, but making adaptations as a project moves forward. Change happens and we work to be flexible to get the results you need.

New Racking
During the design process we discovered a couple areas where the existing rack capacity was not suited to support the weights of the product. We supplied Cresswell 12-gauge frames and beams to hold the customer’s pallets of heavy material.

Running permits through any municipality is a major hassle, sometimes requiring multiple visits. We have 10+ years experience securing permits in the municipalities that span Metro Vancouver. In some cases, we know the plan checkers on a first-name basis. During this facility move, our customer trusted us to obtain all permits.

Project Management
Suffice it to say, running a project with multiple sites across two cities which incorporates new and used racking can be a daunting endeavour. But with the right team of experts, it can be done—even smoothly! We seamlessly executed this facility move with careful coordination between our trusted engineer, partners and installers.

Not only was this massive facility move finished on time, we identify racking that the client had not included in the original scope, saving money and completing this project under budget.

If you have a move coming up, contact us and we can show you how the Steelhead team can make your move a breeze.