Tru Earth founders Kevin Hinton, Ryan Mckenzie and Brad Liski

PORT MOODY, B.C. – When a growing eco-business needs to set up a new warehouse, Steelhead Warehouse Solutions ­­­­­­­­­­­offers a cost-effective, nimble and dynamic storage solution.

In 2018, from a compact office on Port Moody’s “Brewer’s Row,” an industry-disrupting revolution was taking place: an innovative, Earth-friendly alternative to liquid laundry detergent was hitting the mainstream consumer market.

Tru Earth Laundy Eco-Strips boast a clever, no-water, ultraconcentrated design which can be shipped in cardboard envelopes, entirely eliminating the need for oversize, conventional plastic jugs. As of July 2021, TruEarth prevented an astounding 4.9 million jugs from being “recycled” or tossed in landfills.

When Tru Earth initially reached out to Steelhead Warehouse Solutions, the business was operating in a temporary Coquitlam warehouse space and simply needed rack to accommodate its rapidly expanding venture.

Once Tru Earth secured a larger warehouse in Port Moody, Steelhead was entrusted with designing and outfitting the approximately 3,000-square-foot facility with selective, roll-formed pallet racking.  

At the heart of its business is a direct-to-consumer subscription delivery model. Digital orders are placed around the clock and warehouse staff pick, pack and ship to mailboxes and doorsteps across Canada and abroad. With this in mind, Steelhead’s 18-bay rack solution was designed to store inventory at a hand-pick level with pallet storage on wire mesh decks above.

The completion of this project was quick and efficient; all of the materials were in-stock or used, meaning no supplier lead time was required. Moreover, racking from the original Coquitlam facility was dismantled and trucked to Port Moody, and incorporated into the new warehouse. Installing a mix of new frames and used beams saved the client money.

Steelhead Warehouse Solutions is proud to have aided TruEarth with its Earth-first critical cause and looks forward to seeing this ingenious product’s continued growth.

Project completion: July 2020