One of our long time clients came to us to help them with some space issues. It is all to common in the Lower mainland to run out of warehouse storage space and with lease rates soaring, additional square footage was out of the question. The solution was to better utilize their existing footprint with high density storage and that’s what our team helped them do!


Along with our amazing partners from Frazier Industrial, we created an additional 32 pallet positions in our customer’s facility. The existing space had the classic selective rack that we supplied and worked well for years in their facility. The installation of structural pushback took the existing space and doubled the capacity.

Push Back pallet racking works by placing the first pallet on the top part and pushing it back. This exposes the next cart for loading. When the second pallet is positioned and pushed back, the third cart is ready. This continues until all the pallet positions are filled.

The last pallet sits on the rail itself. When unloading, the front pallet is removed. Gravity moves all the pallets forward to the front for easy access. As each pallet is removed, the remaining pallets move down into position until completely unloaded and all carts are again in position for reloading.

The two main demands to this project were strength of product and speed of installation:

  • Strength of product- The weights of food distribution facilities tend to get up to 2500 LB to 3000 LB, so standard roll formed rack starts to not be the best option. Roll formed rack gains it’s strength from the bending sheet steel to gain strength and because of this it is a cost effective way to store product. Structural rack uses c-channel to increase capacity and in high density this is important as the systems preform best over time by staying perfectly square.
  • Speed of installation- The customer’s facility is a bustling hub of activity, so downtime really affects their customers. Steelhead was able to dismantle, remove the rack and install the new system in under 36 hours. Our team of qualified installers did an amazing job working with the customer to have the least amount of disruption possible.

If you are looking to get the most out of your space, call the team at Steelhead and we will work with you to maximize your space!