There are many factors that contribute to which types of warehouse storage solutions are ultimately installed in your facility. It is highly recommended that an experienced storage solutions integrator or consultant advise on the best possible configuration for your space, workflow and product type(s).

A warehouse is generally not limited to one type of storage solution; any type of space can contain combinations of material handling equipment. The following industrial product solutions typically form the basis for a storage facility:

Pallet Rack

Pallet racking is used to store palletized product on structures consisting of vertical uprights or posts and horizontal beams. Pallet racking can be assembled to varying heights and lengths depending on your warehouse configuration. This type of pallet storage is generally called standard or “selective” racking, and forms the basis for other pallet storage products including:

storage Shelving

Industrial storage shelving is generally used for for light- to medium-weight storage. This type of shelving usually has different models that can increase in weight capacities. These are generally cartons and boxes which have been transferred from a pallet to the shelving. Industrial shelving applications include:

  • Small parts and tools (such as automotive parts)
  • Garment and clothing for retail storage
  • Records, document and archival storage
  • Healthcare and medical product storage

Additionally, modular drawers can be fitted onto the shelving system to store small inventory parts.

For larger distribution centres and E-commerce facilities, shelving “units” or bays can be configured together to create multi-level structures, as shown below.

Multi-level shelving systems or “mezzanines” are perfect for expanding capacity by vertically elevating your storage footprint. Many existing warehouses find it quite a challenge to expand storage capacity; these multi-level structures provide the perfect solution. The different types of multi-level shelving systems include:

  • Multi-level metal systems
  • Catwalk systems
  • Mezzanine shelving systems

These systems are ideal for:

  • Retail and E-commerce distribution centres
  • Automotive distribution centres
  • Records and archival storage
  • Medical distribution centres