WorkSafeBC regulation states that a “qualified person” should perform pallet rack inspections.

Section 1.1 of the WorkSafeBC Regulation defines a “qualified person” as being knowledgeable of the work, the hazards involved, and the means to control the hazards, by reason of education, training, experience or a combination thereof.

It is very important to note that the regulation holds the employer responsible for ensuring the competency of the “qualified person”. Therefore, any in-house person must be trained in the process of pallet racking inspection otherwise the employer is held accountable for any irregularities and subsequent injury to employees or persons on the premises.

The people most qualified to inspect and provide reports for pallet racking systems are those who are responsible for engineering storage solutions. Steelhead Warehouse Solutions Inc. are trained and qualified for several reasons:

  • 15 years experience engineering pallet racking solutions
  • Generate formalized pallet rack inspection reports and engineered rack repairs or replacements
  • Thorough knowledge and a working relationship with WorkSafeBC
  • Involvement in the consultation process which resulted in the regulations put forth by WorkSafeBC

We have two experienced systems inspectors; please contact us for your next pallet rack systems inspection

Greg Hubbert
Telephone: 604-754-4723

Kevin Van Neck
Telephone: 604-754-3362